The IPPA – International Pitch & Putt Association, was founded on April 2th, 2009 in Madrid, Spain.

The IPPA was born after an unrecognizable divergence on membership criteria within the recently created FIPPA, and consequently, France, Italy, San Marino and Denmark decided to leave FIPPA and, together with Spain and Portugal, created a new international association of Pitch & Putt, consisting only of countries and, where possible, by National Golf Federations, that internally integrate the P&P within.

Throughout its 10 years of activity, IPPA has been accepting new members from countries around the world, who in one way or another intends to develop P&P in their country and also internationally.

Today we are already about 30 countries, spread over 5 continents.


In order to justify its natural approach to golf, IPPA has since 2013 received the moral and official recognition and financial support from R&A of St Andrews, organizing in September 2016, the first World Cup of Pitch & Putt on St Andrews Links, Scotland, with the participation of 12 countries: Scotland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, England, France, Denmark, Japan, India, Holland, San Marino and Australia.

Since its foundation, IPPA has organized several European Strokeplay Championships, European Clubs Championships and International Opens in collaboration with its associated members.

On the 30th March till 2nd April 2017, IPPA organized, in cooperation of FIP&P – Italian P&P Federation, its first World P&P Strokeplay Championship at the Le Robinie Golf Club, in Olbiate Solona, near Milan, Italy, with the participation of 118 players from 14 countries: Italy, Portugal, Spain, Holland, Japan, Cuba, Bulgaria, Ireland, France, Bosnia and Herzegovina, England, San Marino, Denmark, Austria.

Also, the IPPA organized, in cooperation with the RFEG – Royal Spanish Golf Federation, the first World P&P Pairs Championship, at the Las Palmeras Golf, in Las Palmas (Canary Islands) – Spain, on the 23th to 25th March 2018, with the participation of 77 pairs (144 players) from 10 countries: Spain, Portugal, San Marino, India, France, Holland, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Marrocco.

During the last quarter of 2018, the IPPA Board decided to restructure itself internally, by appointing several Committees, as well as the whole logic of competitions and interaction with its members, thus preparing itself for the exponential growth of affiliations it suffered in the last year, but also the potential development of Pitch & Putt, all over the world, either through the already consolidated “P&P potential countries” or, in particular, through the “sponsorship” of the introduction of P&P (and consequently the golf itself) into the most disadvantaged countries through special programs, which IPPA is preparing and developing for this purpose.

P&P should be synonymous of “high competition”, but it should also promote the sport of all and for all.