Like nearly everything in life, there are various levels of complexity and sophistication that can serve as criteria for categorizing things. For example, automobiles can be basic transportation or they can be high-tech racing machines, and these can be further categorized into the type of racing they are built for.
Likewise, golf facilities can be grouped as very basic places to learn or as a place to experience the thrill of hitting a golf ball to areas of legendary beauty and fame.
Consistent with these various levels of golf courses ascending levels of greatness are ascending levels of cost – cost to produce them, cost to maintain them, and hence, cost to use them. Ultimately it is the user who will determine if the cost justifies the experience or value of the product.


In that way, Pitch and Putt courses can be built relatively cheaply and do not require large areas of land. Indeed, the few hectares needed for such developments means that they may be suited to brown field sites, which will provide a golf facility within reach of a large number of people. These forms of golf are not time consuming; anyone with an hour or two to spare can enjoy a practice session at a driving range or a round on a pitch and putt course.

These can be laid out on an existing, relatively small area of grassland, perhaps no more than 10 to 15 hectares, with tees, fairways and greens produced by simply mowing the grass closer. Purpose-built facilities can be developed, but at much greater cost. This type of course requires relatively little land. They can provide an enjoyable way for newcomers to experience a real course. They can also test and improve the short game of experienced golfers.


3, 6 or 9 hole courses provide a true golf experience on a smaller area of land than required by a full 18 holes. This reduced number of holes can also be applied to pitch and putt courses. These courses give the golfer options to maximise their free time for golf.

There are several studies prepared by specialists on the construction, maintenance and use of golf courses. On the subject of Pitch & Putt there are no public documents at our disposal, but we want to give you, in this site, some of the documents that we agree that are the most important and updated, that can help you, if you ever want to promote or build a Pitch & Putt course.