Since Pitch & Putt is a Golf specialty, since it is played in a golf-like environment, with the same type of equipment, although with the distances of the holes being smaller, it is logical that the Pitch & Putt Rules are practically the same which are currently used in Golf.
The recent changes in the Rules of Golf, in use since the beginning of 2019, have also favored Pitch & Putt, since they are more standard, prepared for all types of courses, including shorter courses such as Pitch & Putt.

The IPPA in all its international competitions adopts all the Rules of Golf, emanated by R&A and USGA, with 2 exceptions:

  • The player can only use 3 clubs at most, one of them being a putter.
  • The maximum distance of the holes should not exceed 90 meters, accumulating a total of 1200 meters for the 18 holes of the course.