At the heart of IPPA’s mission is the desire to support nations around the world provide a strong infrastructure to support the growth and development of the game.

IPPA recognises that federations vary in size and structure. Some nations deliver just one competition; others host multiple activities across a number of age ranges, culminating in national representative teams.


Irrespective of the size and scope of the federation, it is critical a federation is managed effectively for the benefit of those who wish to play Pitch & Putt.

There are many responsibilities for federation committees as they seek to ensure that their federation provides the highest quality environment for its members and complies with both national and international standards of good governance practice. These include but are not limited to financial management, equality compliance, strategic planning and development, and welfare and safeguarding. 


  1. The promotion of Pitch and Putt internationally.
  2. The organization and rules of international competitions between member countries.
  3. The interchange of information between member countries.
  4. To promote and develop a policy of “fair play”; the protection of children and a drug-free setting.
  5. To promote and develop a non-sexist and non-racist setting in Pitch and Putt.
  6. To promote and develop Pitch and Putt in coordination with international Golf and Pitch and Putt organizations.
  7. In order to promote and develop the expansion of Pitch and Putt the Association can: hold international competitions, organize courses, conferences, seminars, meetings, study groups, hold public acts, edit books, pamphlets, periodical publications, and TV or other electronic media, that are considered appropriate, organize recreational activities, sports, and using all the means permitted by the laws in each member country where an event is held, alone or in collaboration with other organizations.