We are open!

The IPPA – International Pitch & Putt Association is taking a new and decisive step towards Pitch & Putt promotion and development.

With the inauguration of this new website, we intend not only to have a competitive schedule of competitions at the international level, much more supported and competitive, but also to take Pitch & Putt to every corner of the world … literally!

With all the information we put at the disposal of everyone, being a Pitch & Putt player or not, about Pitch & Putt and all the International Competitions, organized by IPPA and its associated members, IPPA, opens to the world without restrictions or complexes.

It will also be an extraordinary tool for effective and intensive communication between the IPPA and its associated members, thus also allowing a more effective support to the national and regional activities of each of our associated members.

One of the most important initiatives for IPPA in 2019, is the launch of the new WPPAR – WORLD PITCH & PUTT AMATEUR RANKING, which will promote a fairer and more active competition among its associated members, but will also allow competitive development of Pitch & Putt.

We invite all of you to visit our new website and send us your opinion, through one of our many Social Network tools at your disposal now.

Be welcome!