A new standard

The World Pitch and Putt Amateur Ranking (WPPAR), is offered by IPPA – International Pitch & Putt Association, to all Pitch and Putt amateur players members of the Federations/Associations affiliated with the IPPA, all over the world.

This Ranking comprises a Women’s Ranking and a Men’s Ranking for P&P amateur players, and also a Ranking by Countries.

Through the incorporation and worldwide evaluation of amateur competitions, WPPAR encourages the international and national development of Pitch and Putt.

WPPAR aims to be the most comprehensive and accurate ranking in Pitch and Putt, effectively comparing players from around the world who can never compete directly against each other.

This Ranking will be managed and maintained by IPPA, through the IPPA Competitions Committee, based on the most varied Pitch and Putt competitions, worldwide, and in accordance with the definitions established by the WPPAR Regulation.

The WPPAR methodology was based on the successful WAGR – World Amateur Golf Ranking – managed by R&A Rules Limited and the United States Golf Association, created in 2007 by R&A, and followed by the great majority of Golf Amateur players and Golf Institutions, all over the world.

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