Pitch & Putt Reorganization and Development Project at the global level

If we read the International Pitch and Putt Association (IPPA) Constitution, we quickly realized that the IPPA was created to promote Pitch and Putt internationally, to promote the organization and rules of international competitions between member countries and to promote and develop Pitch and Putt in coordination with international Golf and Pitch & Putt organizations.

Therefore, the IPPA must, in coordination with all its associate members, take on a “logic” of competitions, at various levels (world, continental, international and national), so that all P&P stakeholders can develop P&P in the same form and direction.

We believe that if we create competitive objectives at top level (world), only then will we be able to develop and organize the competitions at lower levels, that is, at the international level and even at the local level (national), depending on the action of each of the IPPA members.

In the last two years, the IPPA Executive Committee has developed a very large and concerted effort to spread the IPPA itself around the world, but also trying to add in the P&P game, the largest number of institutional members possible, throughout the world.

Also, the establishment of a World P&P Amateur Ranking (WPPAR) will certainly bring together the efforts of all our members and their players in one direction and one objective.

IPPA Competitions PLAN 2019-2030

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