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José Maria Ortiz Pinedo Rodriguez is the new number 1 in the P&P World Ranking

Spanish player José Maria Ortiz Pinedo Rodriguez, following the good results obtained in the last P&P competitions, counting for the WPPAR – World P&P Amateur Ranking, as were the Spanish P&P Open and the Spanish Ranking Final, played in the last month, managed to rise to the top of the World P&P ranking. His fellow … Read more

Laura Batista Mederos is the world’s first # 1 P&P woman.
Juan Soler Espinosa also reaches the world number 1

Spanish player Laura Batista Mederos became the world’s first No. 1 P&P woman following her participation in the “III Pontuable Nacional de Pitch & Putt 2019”, held on July 27 and 28, at the Rio Cabe P&P course, in Galicia – Spain. For the first time, five women participated in a competition for the World P&P Ranking, opening up … Read more

Elio Mazzoco is the first Italian to join WPPAR

After completing the 2019 Italian National P&P Championship and after updating the WPPAR Ranking, the italian Elio Mazzoco, enters directly to the 16th position of the World P&P Ranking. Other 9 Italians also join this ranking, such as Leonardo Panza (22nd), Alberto Viotto (25th), Andrea Fusco (27th) and Luigi Evangelista (28th), among others. This week the 2019 Italian … Read more

João Maria Pontes is first WPPAR Nº 1

The young Portuguese P&P player, JOÃO MARIA PONTES is officially the first NUMBER ONE in the WORLD P&P AMATEUR RANKING, after his excellent performance in the IX MATCH P&P PORTUGAL-SPAIN, last week.  João Maria Pontes was the only player this weekend who did not lose any match. Of the 3 Matches he played, he won … Read more

WPPAR – World P&P Amateur Ranking

A new standard The World Pitch and Putt Amateur Ranking (WPPAR), is offered by IPPA – International Pitch & Putt Association, to all Pitch and Putt amateur players members of the Federations/Associations affiliated with the IPPA, all over the world. This Ranking comprises a Women’s Ranking and a Men’s Ranking for P&P amateur players, and … Read more