Calendar IPPA 2019 revealed!

From 2019, IPPA will organize its Official Competitions Calendar, in direct collaboration with its associated members.

Thus, it was agreed to divide the competition plan into 4 levels of competitions:

       – WORLD
       – NATIONAL

Every year the IPPA will organize its championships according to the approved Competition Plan and will follow a logic of championships, balanced, integral and competitive. 

In 2019, the organization of 2 WORLD level competitions, 1 CONTINENTAL level competitions, 11 INTERNATIONAL level competitions and 12 NATIONAL level competitions are already confirmed. In the first months of this year, more INTERNATIONAL and NATIONAL level competitions will be integrated. 

It should be noted that all these competitions will count towards the new WPPAR – World P&P Amateur Ranking, which came into effect on January 1, 2019.

P&P players can now compete for a worldwide Ranking, thus competing in a global context, through their participation in the competitions approved by this Ranking.

This WPPAR has three rating tables: Men, Women, and Countries.

 New IPPA Calendar, updated 11th January 2019 avaiable here: