Arnaldo Paredes and Hugo Espirito Santo new 2019 European P&P Pairs Champions

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After 3 rounds of 2019 European P&P Pairs Championship, the portuguese pair Arnaldo Paredes and Hugo Espirito Santo has becomeAfter 3 rounds of the 2019 European P&P Pairs Championship, Portuguese pair Arnaldo Paredes and Hugo Espirito Santo became European Champion in this specialty.

Participated in this Championship, played on the excellent course of Le Robinie Golf Resort, near Milan, Italy, several players from Italy, Portugal, France, Russia and San Marino.

In the first round, played in FourBall mode, Italians Danielle Cripa / Marco Fadani were the best with a result of 46 strokes (-8), followed by Portuguese pair Hugo Espirito Santo / Arnaldo Paredes with 48 strokes (-6) and third French duo Jean-Claude Richard / Jean-Marc Hesel took 49 strokes (-5).

In the second round, played in Foursomes mode, the Portuguese Arnaldo Paredes / Hugo Espirito Santo stood out with an aggregate of 95 strokes (-13), being in 2nd place the Italian duo Danielle Cripa / Marco Fadani with an aggregate of 101 strokes ( -7) and in third place the French players Jean-Claude Richard / Jean-Marc Hesel with an aggregate of 106 strokes (-2).

Arnaldo Paredes/Hugo Espirito Santo and Danielle Cripa/Marco Fadani on hole 4 during 3rd round

As on the first day, the rain was persistent and remained in play all day, thus making the second day of competition even more competitive.
In this last round, played in CanadaCup, the Portuguese Arnaldo Paredes / Hugo Espirito Santo confirmed their favoritism, and ended with an aggregate of 203 strokes (-13), leaving in 2nd place, as Vice-Champions, the Italians Albert Vioto / Leonardo Panza with an aggregate of 210 strokes (-6) and in 3rd place the San Marino duo Giulio Caramaschi / Loris Riccardi with a total of 217 strokes (+1).

It should be noted that during this Championship, the 3rd International P&P Forum was also developed for 2 days, in this same place, with the participation of several international entities, and of which we will report separately very soon.

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