2nd P&P Africa Open – DAPPO 2019 is played this week in Tunisia

IPPA, through its French associate, France P&P, and the Tunisian Golf Federation, will host the second edition of the P&P Africa Open – DAPPO 2019 – attended by many Tunisian players as well as many other Pitch & Putt players from various European countries, such as France, Portugal, Spain and Italy.
The executive organization of the Open will be held by the Djerba Sportive Golf Association and the Djerba Golf Club.

This year, and for the first time, the Tunisian Golf Federation has decided to integrate this international P&P competition into the FTG Official Calendar, thus taking a clear step in the Federation’s support for Pitch & Putt, and in particular this competition. , which although still young, is already beginning to be coveted by several top players worldwide.

During these days, Open can be followed here on our website, as well as on IPPA Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

This year, DAPPO 2019 will also count on the WPPAR – World Pitch & Putt Ranking, so it is expected to integrate several Tunisian players in this Ranking, thus being the first Africans to be included in the World P&P Ranking.

Pitch & Putt is developing very well in Tunisia, with increasing support from the Tunisian Golf Federation, as well as a number of local golf courses, which are very interested in integrating P&P into their courses, as a “faster and cheaper” alternative to golf.

R&A – Royal & St Andrews itself is also very attentive to this initiative in Africa, not only in the territory of Tunisia, but also in others, such as Angola, Benin and Morocco.

DAPPO 2019 will be played this year on the Acacias P&P course on the 4th and 5th of October, and on the first day there will be 2 rounds of 18 holes and then on Saturday 5th will take place the 3rd. and last round of this Open. This will be followed by the Official Award Ceremony and a farewell cocktail.