17th OPEN D’ ITALIA P&P will be at Virginia Golf – Appiano Gentile

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The 17th edition of the ITALIAN INTERNATIONAL OPEN P&P, will be held in VIRGINIA GOLF course, in Appiano Gentile, near Milano, during 22 and 23 of June 2019.

This tournament, together with the San Marino Open P&P, is one of the oldest P&P competitions in the world, and is played next month.

Registrations must be received by mail to segreteria@federpitchputt.it or info@virginiagolf.it no later than Sunday 16 June.

More informations in http://www.virginiagolf.it/news-eventi.php

This competition counts for WPPAR – WORLD P&P AMATEUR RANKING, which can be followed at http://wppar.ippa.cloud.

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